Kitchen Trends: 3 Fads You Should Avoid!

Kitchen trends

As we all know, a kitchen remodel doesn’t come cheap, and bad decision making can result in a design that you promptly end up regretting. Today’s must-haves, can all too quickly become tomorrow’s must-nots, so avoid jumping on the metaphorical bandwagon of current kitchen trends and instead opt for styles that will stand the test of time.

Of course it’s important to create a space that suits your personality and lifestyle, but also, if you decide to sell your property, then it’s vital to consider what a potential buyer might look for in the future. To prevent you from falling prey to these passé pitfalls, here’s a list of kitchen trends as out of date as shoulder pads and permed hair.

1. Distressed Cabinets

The waning popularity of ‘shabby chic’ means distressed cabinets are fast going out of fashion. The odd purposefully aged piece can still bring a little rustic charm, but avoid making over your entire kitchen in crackled, stained wood.

Replace with: Go for a contemporary vibe and paint kitchen cabinets in a solid colour. White or grey keeps things clean and simple, whilst lining a glass-front cabinet with a pop of bright wallpaper adds quirkiness, yet can still be easily papered over.

2. Kitchen Desks

These clutter collectors have been the bane of kitchens since the nineties. Sure, having an area where the kids can do their homework and you can check your emails keeps the family in one room, but kitchen desks are a magnet for keys, loose change and junk mail.

Replace with: Extra countertops! A pantry! A mud room! Think of all the options! Today, desktop computers have virtually been replaced by laptops and tablets. So ditch the desk and keep you tech juiced by installing a hidden charging station instead.

3. Appliance Garages

It can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle tidying away tangled cords, however appliance garages aren’t the solution. Not only are they more hassle than they’re worth, but hiding all your favourite gadgets can leave counters looking bare, giving your kitchen an impersonal feel. Not to mention how dated those tambour doors look!

Replace with: Deep drawers and pull-out corner cupboards are practical hideaways for lesser used appliances such as mixers and blenders. Although, don’t be afraid of reserving a little space on your surfaces to keep those items you use daily within easy reach.

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