Your Kitchen, a Family Living Space

Family kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place not only for preparing and eating food, but also a room where the whole family spends time.

For many of us family life has become dominated by technology and while you can still have the latest kitchen innovations, it’s important to create a place for the family to sit and spend time together, whether that’s at the table eating or in a relaxing “snug” area.

Lighting is essential for setting mood. During the day it’s nice to have natural light flooding in, so it’s worth spending some time planning how you can achieve this, maybe with bi­fold doors or sky lights. Under cupboard LEDs provide strong lighting for when you’re cooking, but once the meal has been eaten and the dishes are done, it’s nice to wind down with a glass of wine in softer lighting, so try using well placed lamps and a pendant light over your island unit to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

For many people it’s such a sacred part of the day when you sit down for a meal as a family as it’s possibly the only time when everyone is together and can talk about their day without distractions. Having a table in your kitchen area enables the person doing the cooking to be more sociable as they can chat to family or friends while they are cooking, rather than being in a separate room. It also provides a place for children to do their homework with parents close at hand incase they need help.

If you are lucky enough to have space for a ”snug” area at one end of your kitchen, it is the perfect place for a comfy sofa and TV, a place where everyone can wind down after a busy day.

Your kitchen is a place where traditions are created and passed on, memories made and with a bit of inspiration and a lot of love and laughter it can become the perfect living area.