Integrated Or Freestanding Kitchen Appliances?

Kitchen appliances

Are you struggling to choose between out of sight or out on view? There are pros and cons with both integrated and freestanding kitchen appliances, the one that’s best for your family depends on your individual wants and needs! Here’s a heads-up to help make the decision easier.

What Are Integrated Kitchen Appliances?

An integrated (or built-in) appliance is concealed behind cupboard doors. This stops unsightly white goods from standing out and gives your kitchen a seamless appearance. This option works best in small kitchens as it creates an illusion of space.   


  • Brings uniformity to a fitted kitchen;
  • When you move house, all those integrated appliances will give you extra bargaining power to ensure that you get the asking price;
  • Hiding tumble dryers, washing machines and dishwashers behind a panel reduces noise.


  • Changing built-in appliances is a hassle and if done badly you could be left with dismantled units and torn up flooring;
  • As they are designed to only be used in enclosed spaces, built-in models have smaller dimensions thus less capacity than their stand-alone alternatives;
  • Product and installation costs are invariably higher.

What Are Freestanding Kitchen Appliances?  

A freestanding appliance stands on its own and doesn’t need to be attached to the structure of your units. While these appliances can often be slotted under your worktop, they are clearly visible and must be placed on the floor.


  • There are a wider range of products available;
  • Whether you’re changing for new or pulling out to repair, freestanding appliances are far easier to get to get access;
  • Cheaper to buy.


  • Bulky white goods can make a kitchen look cluttered and are faffier to clean;
  • You don’t have the ability to mix and match with your cooktop and oven, they are either both electric or both gas.

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