Expected In 2017: High-Tech Kitchen Appliances

Smart kitchen appliances
Samsung Family Hub 2.0


Samsung Family Hub 2.0

Whether this is a fridge or your very own robot butler is up for discussion. One thing is for certain though, it’s a game-changer.

Features include View Inside cameras, allowing users to see what items need replenishing without opening the door, and a 21.5 inch LED touchscreen that acts as an interactive digital bulletin board. Most revolutionary of all though is the integration of Samsung’s advanced voice technology. With a command your fridge will add items to a shopping list or organise your calendar.


Whirlpool® All-in-One Care Washer/Dryer Combo

Turn laundry day from a chore into a charm! Whirlpool’s wi-fi-enabled washer/dryer includes downloadable cleaning cycles, phone alerts and ‘load-and-go’ bulk dispensing. An especially neat extra is, when synced with Amazon Dash, this unit senses if you’re running low on detergent and automatically orders more.   


Kitchen appliances in 2017
LG SIGNATURE Top Control Dishwasher


LG SIGNATURE Top Control Dishwasher

Combining style with performance, LG’s Signature brand is setting the bar high for state-of-the-art appliances. Equipped with all the expected necessities, including a large load capacity and adjustable racks, this dishwasher benefits from a few surprising additions too. Ultra-quiet wash cycles work at only a 40-decibel sound level and the TurboWash uses a multi-motion wash arm to spin and spray water in multiple directions for better coverage.


Panasonic Slow Juicer

Pulp haters rejoice! Slow juicing squeezes fruit and vegetables rather than spinning and dicing at high-speed. This causes less separation, eradicating bits and retaining more nutrients. It also comes with a frozen attachment for creating sorbets and is small-enough to sit discreetly on your worktop.


Dash Clear View Toaster

Keep an eye on browning bread using this toaster’s built-in viewing window. Offering more than just the expected grilling functionality, it also has a reheat option and extra long slots for perfectly toasting bagels and speciality breads.


Smarter iKettle 2.0

Get your day off to the best start possible! The iKettle is designed with water level sensors to prevent wastage, exact temperature control for hot drink connoisseurs and a ‘Wake Up Mode’ that syncs with your alarm.


Eco kitchen appliances
Zera™ Food Recycler


Zera™ Food Recycler

UK households throw out roughly 330 million tonnes of rubbish a year. The Zera Food Recycler promises to be the answer to curbing this waste. Scrape your plate into the opening and the incubator processes the scraps, turning it into ready-to-use fertiliser within 24 hours. No maintenance needed!


PicoBrew Zymatic

Home-brewing no longer means a bucket in your garage. The Zymatic is a fully automated, next level, beer brewing bonanza. The main draw lies in its capability to log data, allowing the user to methodically analyse their concoctions from batch to batch. Perfect for prototyping new recipes, this machine is a must for serious fans of craft beer.   


Braava jet™ Mopping Robot

Tackle those hard-to-reach places with this smart cleaning tool. Simply select one of three unique cleaning modes and put your feet up. A pad attached to it’s base does the main sweep, whilst a jet spray at the head targets stubborn stains, leaving your kitchen spotless. Plus, the robot can dodge obstacles using bumpers, allowing it to navigate even the most complex of floor plans.