Expected In 2017 : Top Tips For New Year’s Kitchen Organisation

New year kitchen organisation


Christmas feels like a distant memory now and our minds have moved to New Year’s resolutions. Why not make one of these intentions better kitchen organisation? It’s certainly an achievable goal and once attained, life will be much more straightforward, you never know you might actually find the process therapeutic!

Top Tips For Better Kitchen Organisation

Clean and declutter

After the whirlwind of Christmas, now’s the time to give your kitchen a thorough clean. Begin by moving everything off kitchen worktops, clean the surfaces and then, as you replace items, clean them too and think about whether you really need or love them. If not they can be recycled or sent to a charity shop. Focus on only having out items used or needed on a daily basis, everything else can be stored in cupboards or drawers.

Kitchens are a trap for post, papers and those ever increasing school notices and it doesn’t take long for them to clutter up your work surfaces. Avoid this happening by finding a storage basket to keep them in one place. Make time to regularly go through the box to prevent the pile from becoming overwhelming.

Cupboard organisation

Throw away any food that’s out of date before arranging the remaining items into groups e.g pasta and rice, tins, sweet items. This will save you time in the hunt for that illusive cooking ingredient hiding somewhere in the depths of your cupboard! A cupboard with shallow drawers or shelves on the inside of cupboard doors can also be beneficial for clearly seeing what food items you have.

Fridge and freezer

If you haven’t done so recently, start by cleaning your entire fridge and defrosting your freezer. Next, throw away any out of date food before organising both your fridge and freezer into zones. Why not get creative and use up any leftover bits and pieces in a new meal?

Recycle any unused items

We all have those “must have” kitchen gadgets purchased on a whim that are gathering dust in a cupboard. Be honest with yourself about whether you will ever really use them and if not give to a friend or donate to a charity shop. The ones you decide to keep can then either be placed on a worktop for convenience or stored in an easily accessible cupboard.

Write a weekly meal plan

Take a leaf out of your super organised friend’s book by spending time each week creating a meal plan and shopping list. This will ultimately save time and money as you are less likely to impulse buy. A chalkboard or notebook where you can have a running shopping list that anyone can add to when items run out is a good idea as well.

Under the sink cupboard

How many cleaning products do we really need? Check what you have and bin unused items, then sort the remaining items into organised storage boxes.

A place for everything

Now that you’ve decluttered, it’s possible to organise your kitchen so that everything has a home. This makes it easier for you to maintain a tidy, calm kitchen, allowing food preparation and socialising to be an enjoyable experience.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, talk to one of our Black Rok experts for some friendly advice!

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