Think Ink – Black Kitchen Design

Black kitchen design

‘Kitchen noir’, is the little black dress of interior design, sophisticated, timeless and utterly chic. This look is also being called ‘industrial luxe’, as it is representative of the current loft-style trend. Think subway tiles, butcher block table tops and monochromatic palettes. After years dominated by white cabinets and neutral tones, the kitchen noir style uses black or very-dark colour schemes to bring a dramatic touch to a room or add definition to certain areas. Although most people instantly associate dark with stark, this style actually proves that black doesn’t equal gloomy, but glam.

Balancing A Black Kitchen Design

When artfully balanced, a black kitchen design can conjure an array of different moods, from ultra-hip to elegant and inviting. Whether you are a lover of smoky hues in charcoal grey or prefer a bolder liquorice black, there are a vast variety of shades available to help create those all important tonal differences. Nothing offsets the crispness of black like white though, so explore ways to play up to this, for example by adding a marble countertop or a chequerboard tiled floor. Contrasting dark schemes with a bright primary colour is another way to make your kitchen pop and adding plenty of natural wood brings a more traditional element to the room. 

Note that dark colours should be used sparingly in smaller rooms and work best if there’s lots of light. Enhance a natural light source with elements that gleam, a mirrored backsplash is great for this as it visually doubles the space. Also, a stainless steel range, chrome fittings or even just a gloss finish on cabinets, perfectly partner black, as they catch the light to create depth, quelling any lingering heaviness.

Offset your dark kitchen with warmer metals, like copper and bronze or gold hardware to amp up the luxe factor, these can be subtly incorporated by means of trims and handles. If you’re still unsure, black accessories are an easy way to make a statement without having to fully commit. Many popular brands are stocking appliances in darker tones, including refrigerators, juicers and stoves, proving you don’t need to be afraid of the dark.

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