Why are the Germans so efficient?

We are located in the heart of Sussex, in Uckfield, so is it a little odd that we supply and fit German kitchens?

We don’t think so. It is simply because they are so well designed and constructed, and display such high standards of finish. But, kitchens aren’t the only German products that are defined by these qualities. Indeed, even the German economic policy would appear to be more efficient compared to others around the world.

So, what is it that makes Germany, and more specifically, its people more efficient and proficient?
According to the Times newspaper (12 June 2012), we only have to try and reserve a position by the holiday swimming pool to get to the answer. Of course, we fail, they beat us to it, just like they will probably beat us in the penalty shoot-out in a couple of weeks.

Scientists studying the sleep habits of 75,000 Germans and Britons have discovered that although Germans sleep just 8 minutes less than we Brits, they start work half an hour earlier and they lie in bed for less time after the alarm goes off in the morning.

It seems that Germans also sleep less than the people from those countries whose economies Germany is bailing out.

Think about that next time you hit the snooze button.