The Linear Look


The linear look

Looking for a sleek, modernist kitchen with slim contours, neat lines, handleless units and a shiny gloss finish? The linear look perfectly evokes this style. German kitchen makers Hacker are renowned for manufacturing this ultra contemporary design and our team at Black Rok will be more than happy to impart their specialist knowledge to you.

Things To Consider When Creating The Linear Look

Handleless Kitchen Units

These will give your kitchen a refined, contemporary appearance whilst also being practical and safe. They have been popular in minimalist kitchen designs for some time, but have more recently become a staple in the kitchens of people seeking an everyday modern style. These units will blend impeccably with the rest of your kitchen, enhancing a fresh, polished finish.

Apart from the aesthetic appeal of these doors, they are also more hygienic. The fact they are smooth and handleless means there are less places for dirt and germs to accumulate. Simple to operate with a push to open system, they are safer for children and pets too, as there will be no injuries from them catching themselves on sticking out handles.

Integrated Storage

Integrated storage enables you to keep your kitchen tidy and streamlined, whilst creating a zen atmosphere. There are many innovative storage solutions available to choose from, for example corner cupboards to help utilise otherwise wasted space and deep drawers that can store anything from plates to saucepans, and many can be fitted with an internal drawer for cutlery.

Why not install a larder in your new kitchen? They come in various designs, from pull out cupboards to more regular cupboards with shelves or drawer options, which means you can keep all your food staples in one place. Unsightly bins can be banished into a drawer under your sink with different sections for regular rubbish and recycling. These can all be fitted with soft close runners or hinges.

Under oven drawers are perfect for storing oven trays and mean they are right on hand when you need them. Or why not impress your guests with a drinks cupboard climber unit, with touch button powered louver doors, which fold up like a blind. All your kitchen appliances can be integrated, further helping to create the smooth, linear look.

Induction hobs are probably the best choice for your sleek kitchen as they are neater and easier to clean than gas.

Quartz Worktops

Engineered Quartz worktops will beautifully complement this style and are considered by many as the crème de la crème of worktops. With a stunning finish and availability in an array of colours they will balance your kitchen colour scheme and are the icing on the cake of your linear look kitchen.