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Satin Lava Grey with Diamond White Quartz — Uckfield

lava grey diamond white worktops taps Uckfield

The Brief

Our client had a fairly clear idea of the way they wanted their new kitchen to work. The challenge for us was to create a design that not only functioned effectively with all the things on the “Wish List” but it also had to have the understated, elegant look of a Black Rok kitchen. The client intended to knock the wall down between the dining room and the kitchen, they then wanted to relocate the kitchen to the opposite end of the space. They were keen that the kitchen would not dominate the space and would leave enough space for a dining table and chairs.


The Design

The wall run needed to house the oven, fridge, sink, hob and dishwasher, oh and a larder cupboard cut in around some pipe boxing. The base units are framed on either end by the tall units and the look is lifted by the wall units and panelling. The peninsula was to be kept free of any appliances but have space for seating and a mix of cupboard and drawer storage.

lava grey diamond white worktops garden Uckfield

How it worked Out

The kitchen is a beautiful example of simplicity, the unfussy design sure to last the test of time. There are pleasing details such as the up lit panelling above the wall units and very elegant colour scheme, with the lava grey framing the white wall units and worktops. The high degree of functionality within a relatively small kitchen allows for the space to remain clutter free.

lava grey diamond white worktops island sink hob Uckfield

What our customer said

‘We are very happy with the design and quality of the kitchen, it looks and feels stunning’.

Handleless High Gloss Lacquer Curved Kitchen with Quartz – Hurstpierpoint

The brief

white curved worktop

Set within a contemporary new build property this curved kitchen was to form the focal point within a large kitchen dining area. Our clients wanted a designer kitchen that would feature not only curves but also no handles. It had to deliver a high level of functionality whist never compromising on style.

The design

white curved kitchen near Brighton

Curves were a must and set the tone of the whole design. Luckily for us the space lent itself to a beautiful curved peninsula running parallel to the tall unit bank on the back wall. The challenge with curves is how to integrate them into a space that is primarily made up of straight lines. To achieve the balance here we kept the curves to the peninsula with just one more on the bar unit. Less can sometimes be more and this is a good example of not over doing an idea. The drop ceiling detail running around the perimeter is another detail we added to homogenise the space, adding lighting and interest whilst also housing the tall units.

How it worked out

curved kitchen showing oven bank

The pictures, as always, only tell half the story. The overall feel of the space is every bit as glamorous as it looks but what is perhaps a little harder to appreciate is just how functional this kitchen is. Full height fridge, full height freezer, oven, steam oven, warming drawer, induction hob and not one but two dishwashers make it a kitchen that can handle everything life can throw at it. The seductive curves are perfectly complimented by the 20mm quartz worktops and the Natural Oak wall panelling.

These types of kitchen are always a challenge, both on the design side but just as crucially on the installation side too. It’s a credit to our fitting team the way they once again turned our customers dream into a fully functioning reality. This kitchen is a huge triumph and occupies the key space in the home of a local celebrity. Pretty cool huh!

White Satin Lacquer Handle-less with Diamond White 100mm Quartz Worktops, Henfield


The Brief

Set within an astounding property this kitchen was to form the major feature within the east wing of the house. Our clients were very simply looking for the best available and wanted a kitchen that would live up to the rest of the house.

lg ga-

In terms of practicalities the kitchen had to deliver all the very latest integrated Siemens appliances, including Full height integrated freezer with ice and water, full height fridge, combi Steam oven, combi microwave, full size oven, coffee machine warming drawer, free induction hob, down draught extractor, dishwasher, double sink, waste disposal, spray tap, filter tap, boiling water tap, oh and a dishwasher!

The style was to be contemporary and elegant with a wow factor that would last for years to come.



The design

The layout was established fairly early on with the kitchen focusing on two main features, a 6 meter long island centred on a floor to ceiling bank of storage and appliances. The effect of this perfect alignment was to be further enhanced by the dramatic drop ceiling that would run above the island, incorporating feature lighting and hidden ventilation.


The key with a large room is to develop a scheme to maximise both the visual appeal and the functionality of the space. It can be very easy to lose the efficiency of the “working” part of the kitchen. To avoid this we centred the action on the far end of the space. Sink, hob, ovens and fridge are all very close to one another making it a kitchen that not only looks great but one you can actually cook in too.


The next part of the challenge comes in designing the space around the kitchen. In this instance it is the perfect alignment of the oven bank, island, the drop ceiling and the feature lights combine together to create the effect of a dramatic, perfectly configured space.


The main feature island consisted of a 3 meter run of drawers at one end and then a dramatic, 3 meter long breakfast bar at the other. To cope with such a span we designed a custom made steel support that sits within the 100mm quartz. The result is stunning simplicity, beneath the surface it is anything but! 

lg gb-

The choice of Satin white handle-less cabinetry with integrated LED lighting gave us the chance to add 100mm Diamond White worktops to create a look of timeless contemporary, elegance. The pure simplicity across the finishes allows the lighting to really elevate the design in the subtlest of ways. 



How it worked out

On a project such as this it is a huge triumph when it comes together so successfully.  The apparent simplicity of the design hides a world of hidden complexity and intricate design detail. Achieving such precision over a large scale, having the ability to communicate the detail, not mention the exactness, of the structural requirements is absolutely key to the finished result.  Before the space even exists every detail must be decided and then the space is reverse engineered to allow for the finished kitchen to fit so perfectly within it. There is no room from error, the floor tiling covers over 300m2 in this particular living/ kitchen space and is all aligned to the centre of the island. So long before the space is anywhere near complete we had to give a centre mark for the grout joint, the drop ceiling, the island and the vast bank of tall units. Get this wrong and you have a very expensive, very complicated headache on your hands. No pressure!


That we have developed the skills to deliver on these types of project is a wonderful testament to us as designers, project managers and installers. The work by Zac and Jake to deliver such quality in the installation phase is something we almost take for granted now, they deserve a special mention here though, the quality is simply first rate. Francis Tate Marble Works, our long standing quartz and granite partners, also deserve a special mention. Their work on the quartz worktops is so good Samsung, the quartz manufacturers, want to use this kitchen for their own marketing and website.



What our client said

“We are so glad we went with Black Rok, we are incredibly happy with the kitchen and have loved working with a company that does exactly what they said they would do exactly when they said they would do it. “

Ralph and Louise G




Handleless white satin lacquer with stone oak worktops near Brighton

The brief

satin white kitchen near brighton

To be installed in a period cottage our clients were after a modern, handle-less kitchen that would sit comfortably in the space without dominating it. Being keen cooks the “must haves” included a range cooker, an island and lots of storage and worktop space.

satin white kitchen stone oak worktops

The design

The space lent itself to a simple L shaped design wrapped around the island. With low ceilings the decision not to have any wall units kept the space feeling as light and spacious as possible. Mirroring the base units, a simple L shaped shelf, complete with LED down lights, added not just some useful storage, but some nice ambient light. To the left of the range cooker a small midi height fridge, corner larder cupboard and boiler housing make the best use of this quirky corner space. The run of base unit cabinetry delivers further functionality, with bins, dishwasher, freezer and drawers all delivering exactly what’s needed exactly where it’s needed. The bench height drawer unit softly finishes the run and creates a nice little spot for an impromptu rest.

satin white kitchen range cooker

How it worked out

The desire to mix the old and with the new is something we see more and more. Gone are the days when an old, period house, meant an old style kitchen. Contemporary kitchens, and crucially, the soft satin lacquers available now, mean these kitchens look far from garish or out of place. Instead they create a wonderful mix that can actually enhance the original space, offering a contrast that really brings the room to life. This kitchen uses the soft, warm tones of the Stone Oak to further soften the edges and ease the wonders of a 21st century German kitchen into the 250 year old house. We love how it well it works!

satin white kitchen near brighton

Satin White Handleless Kitchen with Oak in Tunbridge Wells

Satin White Handleless Kitchen

The Brief

Our client had their heart set on adding bi-folding doors to the end of their white satin kitchen. The existing layout was an L-shape with a small door to the right hand side leading to the garden. The plan was to let the light flood in, opening up the space to the outside. In terms of the kitchen brief we had to find a way to conceal the boiler, have seating for four adults, house a full height fridge-freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, two ovens, large induction hob and plenty of storage for a young family. The feel of the kitchen had to be young, fresh and just a little bit quirky. They wanted something that really caught their imagination and justified the major structural rejig.


The Design

Satin White Handleless CAD

The key element is the seating area and the wrap-around units. This set the tone both in style and the colour scheme; the soft satin white sitting very comfortably alongside the Cornwall Oak, inviting a very easy interplay between the two finishes. The right hand side houses the built in fridge freezer and oven units, with super practical drawers running the entire length of the base unit run. The bi-fold wall units add further storage, whilst one hides the telescopic extractor and another conceals the boiler.

Satin White Handleless 3

The sink area is compact but very functional, topped with quartz for a truly family proof ‘wet zone’. Big, chunky shelves were used to soften the edges and add space for family life and all that comes with it.

Satin White Handleless 4

How it worked out

Satin White Handleless 5

This kitchen is not the biggest we have done, not by a long way, but it is right up there in terms of style, practicality and, just as importantly, the way it makes you feel. It’s a space that feels right, it’s both glamorous and yet homely, modern but still a little bit rustic. It’s a pretty special mix.

Satin White Handleless 6

The seating area looks great set against the wooden shelves with the soft, warm lighting. The simple lines, the practical layout coupled with a little bit of creativity show perfectly how you don’t need to have the biggest kitchen or even the biggest kitchen budget to end up with something a little bit special. We think this one really hits the spot.

High Gloss White kitchen with White Quartz worktops, Haywards Heath

high gloss white kitchen haywards heath

The brief

Set within a high specification, interior designed property, this kitchen was as much about aesthetics as it was about functionality. The client was very keen that the furniture should appear built-in, with a small island and white quartz worktops. In terms of functionality a large oven bank with substantial refrigeration was required along with a varied array of drawers, cupboards and pull-outs.

Siemens fridges in white gloss kitchen haywards heath

The Design

To start with the design focused on how to best utilise the kitchen space to incorporate a fairly sizeable ‘wish-list.’ The shape of the room lent itself well to an island type layout, with two entrances, one leading to the lounge area and the other to a large, dining and living area. The flow was easy to achieve by grouping the appliances along the end wall with the gas hob and double bowl sink sitting along the back wall. The wall units were to be built-in using ceiling fillers sized to match the door widths, the look completed with LED down lights.

white gloss lacquer kitchen with island

How it worked out

There’s a simple, elegant feel to this kitchen. The timeless white furniture and worktops giving our client freedom to play with various accent colours in due course. In fact, when we photographed the kitchen our client was deciding on the glass splash backs and was using the heather as a source of inspiration. The beauty of white is not only the versatility it offers but the way it maximises the available light. For a kitchen that does not have any windows, it feels wonderfully light and airy.

The simplicity of the design conceals considerable functionality with more than ample capacity for even the most serious of cooks. The ceiling fillers above the wall units are a nice detail as are the mitred corners on the island worktops and end panels. Simple, subtle and very, very stylish, it’s another Black Rok kitchen that’s so nice you just won’t want to leave.

luxury white gloss lacquer kitchen with island

Read more about what makes a Black Rok kitchen so special.

White handleless lacquer with Terra Oak panelling in Uckfield, East Sussex

The brief — Serious cooking, serious fun


The aim here was to create a kitchen that worked not only as a great family space but just as importantly the kitchen had to deliver a very high level of functionality for some pretty serious cooking. Sitting within the open plan living space it needed to be somewhere the whole family could spend time together, children, grandchildren, two dogs and very occasionally the odd lamb! With this in mind the island was to be kept clear of any appliances, to ensure it was a child safe zone, there needed to be seating for at least 4 adults and ample preparation space. Whilst being sizeable, the kitchen had to sit within the space so as not to interfere with family life, big parties, table tennis and even the odd disco.


The design


The L shaped island forms the centre piece around which the kitchen flows, with a large oven bank sitting alongside the fridge/ freezer. The sink and hob positioned on the long wall so as to be out of the way when young children are about. The freestanding fridge freezer, with ice and water, was to appear to be built in, sitting within framing, coordinated to match other detailing within the kitchen. To provide the ultimate in functionality a great deal of time was spent configuring the drawers and cupboards to provide exactly the storage our client wanted. For example, a special unit with a lifting platform for the food mixer were incorporated into the island to allow the appliance to be hidden away whilst at the same time being easily accessible for those big baking sessions. A bank of 3 Siemens IQ7000 ovens and a large warming drawer ensured once mixed, the cakes would never be short of an oven to hide in.

The simple white, handless cabinetry was to be finished off with composite worktops, an integrated sink, 100mm up-stands and feature wall panelling with led illuminated shelves.


How it worked out


The overall effect of this kitchen is exactly the light, open space our client was looking for, with both serious cooking and serious fun the order of the day.


The quality of the furniture underpins the functionality with some simple but effective lighting details really elevating the space to another level.ovens
The Terra Oak framing and panelling, the LED’s not to mention the vast oven bank all combine to great effect. It is often the way the various elements are integrated with one another that makes the difference in the overall feeling of quality, like the heavy clunk of a BMW or Mercedes car door closing; this kitchen just feels solid.

The attention to detail doesn’t stop with the cabinets and the layout.


For the ultimate in functionality and design, 100mm up-stands and window boards are all seamlessly joined to the worktops to provide a completely waterproof work area. Handy if the dog needs a bath!
Set within a fantastic property, tucked away in a glorious location, this kitchen certainly had a lot to live up to. Does it deliver, we think it does.


Curved White Laquer with Wooden Worktops

curved white lacquer kitchen

The Brief

To design and install a modern family kitchen, maintaining space for a table and keeping an open feel. Via a set of bi-fold doors the kitchen leads out on to a decked area so maintaining a sense of “flow” was very important. The client wanted a mix of modern furniture and natural materials for the worktops and spashback. The kitchen also needed to house a built in washing machine and make use of an existing larder cupboard.

white lacquer kitchen

The Design

The decision to keep the table and chairs meant the space available for the kitchen furniture and appliances was fairly limited. With this in mind the design needed considerable thought to accommodate all our clients’ wishes. The sink sits between a built-in washer/dryer and a built-in dishwasher. The existing larder cupboard was adapted with the door and mouldings re-clad in matching front material whilst the inside was reconfigured to accommodate the vacuum, ironing board and recycling bins. The feature part of the kitchen is the curved oven/hob run of units, topped with Iroko worktops.

Curved White Lacquer with Iroko Worktops

How it worked out

Considering its size this kitchen works very well to provide a highly usable space both for cooking and socialising. The use of curves creates a simple yet striking look whilst the elegant mix of real wood and high gloss lacquer give the kitchen a truly luxurious feel.  The warmth of the wood is further enhanced by the travertine tiling, used to great effect to add another layer of texture and interest.

White Kitchen with Iroko Worktops

White Glass and Terra Oak

Polar White design-glass doors with Terra Oak tall units and chrome quartz worktops – North London

Polar white kitchen with island

The brief

To create an uncluttered, modern handle less kitchen incorporating an island and a split level breakfast bar within a light, open plan kitchen / dining room extension.

With a young toddler in the household the finishes needed to be very durable and easy to maintain but still be ultra glossy and light reflective, our Design-glass doors in Polar White fitted the bill perfectly.

The design

The focal point of this kitchen was always going to be the island, the hob was positioned so that cooking would be a social affair, family or friends could sit at the breakfast bar  while meals were being prepared. We built a dropped section of ceiling and installed a remote controlled ducted extractor above the hob to keep cooking odours to a minimum in the rest of the room.

The tall units and oven housings were built into a wall recess to give a sleek look to the kitchen and also to make the most of the space, finished in Terra Oak veneer they provide a stunning contrast to the Polar White glass base units.

The quartz worktop (Silestone) was specified to be only 20mm thick instead of the usual 30mm which helped to accentuate the stainless steel handle-less channel and give a less chunky, more delicate looking edge detail to the island.


Polar white kitchen — seating

 What the customer said

“We recently had our kitchen designed, supplied and fitted by Ed and Jamie and we’re absolutely thrilled with the result.

The kitchen was always going to be the focal point of our newly refurbished house in North West London and so we were desperately keen to get it right.

Ed was fantastic the whole way through from initial designs, appliance advice etc,  to the final installation. He is extremely patient and flexible whilst also being very personable and easy to deal with.

Jamie and Ed are very professional and it was great to be able to do business with them – Highly recommended!”

White High Gloss Kitchen Grey Acacia Handleless with White Quartz in Brighton

White High Gloss Lacquer Kitchen 1

Kitchen design brief

To create a modern, ultra functional family kitchen in a new kitchen extension. The brief here was to utilise every inch of space to the maximum, the kitchen needed to house an American fridge/ freezer and it had to have an Island, double oven bank and seating. What’s more it had to work within a space complicated by beams and existing walls, not to mention an adjoining utility and cloak room. The premium, as always, was space and knowing how to use it.

White High Gloss Lacquer Kitchen 2

The Design

In order to incorporate everything our client wanted we had to utilise the space available in the very best way we could.  The creation of an “S” shaped partition wall between the kitchen and the utility room allowed for one side to house the American fridge/freezer and the other side to house the Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer. This opened up the space significantly, allowing for the Island and Midi-Unit Oven housings.

White High Gloss Lacquer Kitchen plinth lights

How it worked out

Despite the simple appearance this is a highly complex kitchen. Once the design was finalised the next challenge was to accurately communicate with all the builders, plumbers and electricians involved in building the space. Details like flush fit extractor housings and built in refrigeration require careful planning in order that they come together on site and allow for a smooth, efficient installation. In this example everything worked out very well, quality workmanship by all the preceeding trades, combined with our own expert fitting team meant that 9 days after the fit began the Quartz was being installed and the kitchen was ready for use.

White High Gloss Lacquer Kitchen stainless steel fridges

It’s a good feeling when it all comes together. This kitchen works beautifully in terms of functionality whilst subtle design details and high quality finishes create an understated, elegant space.

What the customer said

First impressions…  ”Showroom was very impressive and liked the sleek look, staff very friendly and approachable.”

On the design process… ”Was very satisfied with the design process which resulted in us being more than happy with the final outcome.”

On the ordering process…  ”Designs were available and accurate during the preliminary building phase and impressed that you took the time on a few occasions to come to site to ensure everything was ready for the installation.”

On the installation…  “Apart from one small error which was rectified we are extremely impressed with the fitters who consulted with us immediately if there were any decisions that were required so as to ensure the final installation was to our specification. In addition to this the fitters had the ability to think outside the box and resolved a couple of design issues.”

On the kitchen and recommending Black Rok… “ We are extremely pleased with the final outcome and would have no hesitation in recommending Black Rok to our friends!”

White handle-less with Terra Oak

High Gloss White Lacquer with Terra Oak Panelling and Aleutian White Quartz

High Gloss White Lacquer Kitchen

The Brief

Within a space not greater than 9m2 the challenge was to create a kitchen that delivered functionality at every point without compromising on simple, clean lines. Everything, right down to the sink had to be carefully considered to maximise efficiency, whilst minimising their impact on the space.

High Gloss White Lacquer Kitchen 2

The Design

To achieve the required level of functionality within a small space needs more than just a well-considered design, it needs furniture that has the versatility to make use of all the space available, however small the space, if it’s used intelligently, it can function just as well as a kitchen twice the size.

To better understand the intricacies of this kitchen it is worth considering exactly what’s in it. At the far end, sitting below the hob, is a 900mm drawer unit and two different types of pull-out corner unit. There is also a built-in fridge, built-in dishwasher, pull-out waste bin, pull-out tray rack and two further drawers under the oven. And that’s just the base units! The state of the art IQ700 Siemens multi-function oven, warming drawer and a flexi-induction hob provide the same high level of functionality within the appliances. While the 20mm Quartz worktops and Terra Oak panelling maximise the feeling of space when combined with the two runs of flap-door wall units.

High Gloss White Lacquer Kitchen 3

How it worked out

This kitchen is a great example of what can be achieved when the customer and designer work together, refining the design a number of times until they get what they want. This process is very much a two way street; our expertise in knowing what’s possible combined with our customers knowledge of what they want and how they will use the space.

Like all kitchens though, the design is just the start. Small spaces are not just hard to design; they make the installation a little trickier too. Once again our fitters did us proud! By the end of the first week the old kitchen was removed, first fix plumbing and electrics complete and the new kitchen furniture installed. In the second week the room was decorated, the appliances and lighting were installed and connected and finally, the worktops were fitted.

It’s a fantastic kitchen, delivering great levels of functionality whilst staying true to the brief of a clean, unfussy space.

High Gloss White Lacquer Kitchen 4

What the customer said

Right from our first visit to the Black Rok showroom we were hooked and no other kitchen would do! We were struck by the professionalism, product quality and knowledge but also the friendly helpful nature of both Jamie & Ed, no question went unanswered and nothing was too much trouble. All our ideas and requests were incorporated into the various designs, of which there were quite a few before we reached the final one!

The delivery/installation date was set at 6 weeks from when we first placed the order and was adhered to which was excellent. From start to finish everything was fully project managed by Jamie who also fitted around timings to suit us, which we found very helpful. All the fitters and tradesmen were professional and considerate at all times. Everything was handled excellently and couldn’t be faulted in any way.

Our new kitchen is all we hoped and planned for and more, we couldn’t be happier. We would highly recommend Black Rok to anyone.

Thanks Jamie & Ed

White Handle-less with Grey Acacia — Ringmer

White Handleless Kitchen Ringmer 1

The brief

Working within the confines of a classic “L” shape this kitchen needed to combine all the practicalities synonymous within German technology whilst still delivering the designer look. The phrase “A place for everything…” describes the consideration given to the hidden workings of the kitchen, with clutter free living the goal.

White Handleless Kitchen Ringmer 2

The Design

The breakthrough came with the idea to set the midi-tall unit bank into the wall recess. This compact bank provides housing for the appliances along with two separate types of larder storage. By segmenting the units both traditional shelving and pull-out systems are incorporated to maximise the usability of the space available.  The LED lighting built into the fly-over shelf above the units, creates an usual but eye catching area.

The handle-less base units are arranged to incorporate exactly the right amount and type of storage, with everything from pan draws to pull-out racking neatly concealed behind the handle-less lacquered fronts. Matching Grey Acacia worktops and panelling compliment the flyover shelf section and provide a subtle backdrop for the illuminated wall units. Combining both glass and solid fronts the wall units meet neatly in the corner to create another handy storage area for cookbooks and the like.

White Handleless Kitchen Ringmer 3

How it worked out 

On visiting the site it was great to see this kitchen really does provide “A place for everything…” The range of storage options available coupled with the the simple, unfussy design create a kitchen that allows for uncluttered, family life. Design details like the flyover shelf and the segmented wall units lift the design to another level, creating interesting effects whilst never compromising the functionality of the kitchen. Expertly installed by our fitters, this kitchen shows how the ordinary can become extraordinary with a little bit of Black Rok magic.