Spring Inspired Kitchen


Spring inspiration for your kitchen

Spring is emerging in all its glory; a delight to each and every one of our senses, it’s the perfect natural moodboard for your Spring inspired kitchen. The colours seem to grow more vibrant everyday, from the cherry blossom to the tulips. The smell of fresh cut grass is beginning to pervade our walks and the cheerful sound of birdsong provides the ideal accompaniment for relaxing Spring days.

This is a time of rejuvenation and growth, it’s the ideal opportunity to let nature inspire your kitchen projects, allowing its influences to transcend your designs and ideas, be they big or small. After a long winter our senses are being awoken again by all that’s around us and we can look to them when planning our kitchens.

All that we see

Spring cleaning should be an integral part of any new kitchen project, providing the opportunity to declutter and restore some order to this busy area. You should avoid toxic cleaning products by choosing natural alternatives such as lemon juice, bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar and beeswax.

There are a myriad of ways you can bring Spring influences into your kitchen depending on your plans and budget, from a kitchen remodel to simply bringing freshly cut flowers into your home. Spring conjures up images of blossom, flowers and green trees and fields. Why not emulate this colour palette in your kitchen units, wall colours or accessories? If you are thinking of redecorating there are now non toxic paint brands available, better for you and the environment.

Leading colour specialist, Pantone, have sited greenery as their colour of 2017, a vibrant yet calming colour that can be used in all its various hues to create just the effect you are after. Why not paint your walls in your chosen shade of green, or add some tiles to bring in some tone or texture to a more neutral colour scheme. Plants or an indoor herb garden are the perfect way to add small touches of colour and Spring vibrancy.

Embracing the aroma and music of Spring

Fresh flowers always add life and focus in a room, they are an inexpensive way of bringing the outdoors in, adding a touch of Spring energy to your kitchen. Try gathering the family together for a walk and enjoy some quality time while gathering blossom, flowers and branches to create a Spring wreath.

Spring brings a shift in mood both emotionally and aesthetically, with our windows thrown open inviting fresh air and birdsong into our homes to create a rejuvenating and optimistic ambience. This can motivate us to be more creative and adventurous in the kitchen, sourcing local ingredients from farmers’ markets, to experiment with new recipes or to perfect old favourites. The use of fresh herbs always brings an intensity to the flavour of your recipes and these can be grown in your garden or in pots inside.

New year is often synonymous with resolutions for the year ahead, but Spring with its optimism and new life force feels like a more natural time to focus our minds on intentions and plans, whether that’s house projects or personal goals. It’s also a time where new traditions and rituals can be borne, with added impetus from brighter, longer days.

If Spring has inspired you to remodel your kitchen contact our team of kitchen specialists at Black Rok for some advice.