The Oven Cleaning Question: Do It Yourself Or Hire A Professional?

Oven cleaning

Too embarrassed to open your oven in front of your mother-in-law? Tired of doing the dishcloth dance around the smoke detector? Grill shelf gunk putting you off your dinner? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to clean your oven.

Should I Clean My Oven Myself?

Let’s be realistic. Oven cleaning isn’t a 10 minute job. But if you happen to have a free afternoon, doing it yourself is certainly a cheaper alternative to hiring a professional. For a squeaky clean oven, most DIY-ers use the baking soda and vinegar method.

Mix the baking soda into a paste with a little water, and then spread it over the interior of your oven, making to sure steer clear of the heating elements! Leave overnight and then wipe clean. A spritz of vinegar and the edge of a plastic spatula come in handy for scraping off any burnt-on drips.

Oven cleaning hacks:

  • Most oven models have a small lever along the hinge that allows you to take the door off completely.  
  • Avoid store-bought oven cleaners as they often contain toxic chemicals that can irritate your skin and leave a nasty smell.
  • Consider investing in a steamer to blast that gunk away! With a change of a nozzle, you can even get to those hard to reach gaps.

Or Should I Have It Cleaned By A Professional?

If reading the above has already made you throw your rubber gloves in, hiring a professional oven cleaner is the way forward. As a stress-free solution to achieving an oven with a showroom shine, it’s well worth the cost. However, always read through reviews before hiring a company. A valeting service should not only include cleaning the interior surface of your oven, but also taking out parts like the fan and light bulb to give them a good scrub as well.

What you’re really paying for though, is experience. Imagine if you removed the wrong part! The money you saved skimping on hiring someone in, would end up doubling to cover the cost of a new oven. Our best advice would be, when in doubt, leave it up to the experts.   

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