A Modern or Traditional Kitchen – What’s Your Style?

Modern or traditional kitchen?

When thinking about changing your kitchen, one of the things to consider is whether you prefer a modern or traditional kitchen style. At this stage it is important to spend time researching, whether that’s online, in brochures or by visiting a reputable kitchen showroom. A specialist kitchen designer will be able to discuss your ideas and, with their expertise and knowledge, be able to assist in creating a kitchen that works for you on a practical level and also reflects your personality and style. Here are some other factors to bear in mind.

Type of house

If you live in an older property, maybe a period home or a pretty cottage, a more traditional or shaker style kitchen would complement your home better than an ultra modern one. Equally if you have a contemporary house, designed with the minimalist in mind, a state of the art, high-tech kitchen may be perfect for you. There are no hard and fast rules, a mixture of modern and traditional can work really well, especially in an older property that has had an extension built to accommodate a bigger open plan kitchen/dining area. Well chosen fixtures and fittings can also help give a more rustic kitchen a contemporary edge.


Kitchens like many things are subject to changing trend, think 80’s pine. It can be very tempting to adopt the latest fad, but may mean your kitchen dates more quickly, so it’s worth considering how long you plan to stay in your current property or how soon you are able or willing to update it. However, if you do decide that the latest trend is right for you and your home, a kitchen designer will be able provide advice and guidance every step of the way. From which style to choose and how it will work in the space you have to advising you on ways to incorporate colour and texture, they will be able to help you to create a truly bespoke kitchen.

There are many aspects to think about but ultimately, whether it’s modern or traditional kitchen, it should have your own personal stamp on it and be a place you and your family enjoy spending time in.