Luxury kitchens in the making

How our luxury kitchens take shape

It can be tricky to visualise a contemporary, luxurious kitchen in an ancient Grade II listed barn. Blending the old with the new without compromising either is a real, but exciting challenge.

One of our recent kitchen designs incorporated the very best in modern appliances, materials and lighting. And, it also utilised much more traditional design elements in the form of a huge solid oak breakfast bar and oak butchers block set within the thick quartz worktop.

This video gives an interesting perspective on how a Black Rok kitchen comes to life.

Black Rok kitchens are built to order, so it’s not just a case of selecting the best-fit from cabinets available. It’s a much more creative process; generating ideas and options from the outset. Of course, when presented with a very large space for a kitchen (as was the case here), the task can seem rather daunting. Fortunately, creativity is one of our strengths; we like to innovate and develop, and the result is that our clients enjoy a kitchen that is entirely unique and personal to them.

As our client said about this particular kitchen, ‘you have created the heart of our home and we love it‘.

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