Love Chocolate? Love Kitchens?

Chocolate for a King

Walk into any supermarket and the vast array of chocolate products on offer will confirm the nation’s love of almost anything chocolate. But, it’s not always been so accessible for the commoner.

After it’s introduction to Britain in the 17th century, chocolate was an expensive luxury. Now you can discover how the very wealthiest people in the land enjoyed their chocolate. A recent discovery at Hampton Court Palace has unearthed the only royal chocolate kitchen in the country. The kitchen is now open to the public, almost 300 years after it was last used.

This was chocolate at it’s most luxurious. According to a food historian, the chocolate would have been prepared in the these rooms and taken to King George I for breakfast everyday.

Throughout the year, the Palace will host Georgian chocolate making sessions for the public to learn how to prepare chocolate fit for a king.

Full details on the Historic Royal Palaces website.