Kitchen order and delivery timescale

The kitchens that Black Rok supply are unique to you and designed according to your own requirements. Because of this, we cannot call a central warehouse and arrange for the immediate delivery of your new kitchen. It’s rather like eating in a good quality restaurant; it takes a little while to prepare your order. But, just like the meal at the fine restaurant, your finished product will be well worth waiting for.

The ordering process

It will probably take you some time to reach your final decisions about your kitchen. This is perfectly ok, and we are here to help and guide you through all of the exciting options available. Once we have arrived at the point when you are happy with your design, we are ready to order. Once the order is given, the manufacturing process begins and a deposit is requested.
After ordering you will have a few weeks to prepare for the arrival of your new kitchen. You might need other professional work done, such as electrical wiring, plumbing, minor building and decorating. We can advise you on any of these aspects, and recommend suitable tradespeople if needed.

Interim payment

Typically, three to four weeks after the order, whilst the kitchen is being manufactured, the interim payment is due.


During the manufacture of your kitchen, we will book delivery at a convenient time for you. Delivery will usually be six weeks after order. When the kitchen is delivered to your address, the sale is complete and final balancing payment is made; the kitchen is then yours.


The installation of your kitchen will depend on your own requirements. Typically, we will arrange fitting by our own expert kitchen installers, but we are also happy for you to use your own tradespeople. We can liaise with them to discuss and advise particular installation requirements.