Expected In 2017: Bringing Industrial Decor Into Your Kitchen

Industrial decor

Embrace chipped paint and tarnished surfaces by bringing industrial decor into your kitchen! As much about form as it is about function, the ‘warehouse look’ celebrates efficiency whilst using rustic metals and minimalist furniture to showcase the beauty of unfinished spaces.    

Getting The Lived-In Look

Characterised by exposed architectural features and distressed surfaces, this style isn’t just for converted loft apartments in downtown Manhattan. Be bold and bare all, whether that’s pipes, bulbs or brick. Live by the maxim, the more battered, the better. An unpolished concrete floor is something to take pride in whilst flaky paint adds yet another layer of visual interest.

Industrial doesn’t have to mean austere. Balance the bare-bones feel with soft furnishings and dainty antiques for a steel toe caps with a tutu contrast.

Kitchen industrial decor

Raw Materials

It’s back-to-basics with texture. Think black steel and burnished metals, weathered wood and worn leather. Pair a plank top dining table with gunmetal Tolix chairs or pick up a real-deal army blanket to cover a seat cushion. Remember to always opt for a monochromatic palette and keep detailing to a minimum.

Traditional Buys

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and few one-of-a-kind pieces can transform your kitchen instantly! Industrial design is all about utility. Beat-up lockers become storage and rickety old ladders can be transformed into a kitchen island. For edgy undertones, channel your inner steampunk. Make the most of mechanical ingenuity by putting a skeleton clock or scissor accordion lighting sconces on display, cogs and all!

It doesn’t matter if you can’t salvage from an old factory or lumberyard, there are plenty of authentic-looking reproductions on the market.

Industrial design


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