Geometric Design Is Here To Stay: Bring It Into Your Kitchen.

Geometric design

Whether it’s hexagons and herringbone or trapeziums and triangles, geometric design is taking over our interiors! Popping up on walls, upholstery and accent pieces, it’s easy to see why patterns have become so popular. To add instant visual interest to your kitchen swap out a boring old backsplash for hypnotic tiles or leave shapely hints hidden in furniture and fabric.  

Global Influences  

Intricate tile-work is the hallmark feature of Moroccan design. The repetition of these simple shapes creates complex compositions and vibrant geometric patterns, reminiscent of your holidays! To bring old world opulence to your kitchen, use Middle Eastern inspired mosaics across your countertops and window frames or dream up your own pattern for bespoke flooring.

Retro Themes

For those whose design preferences are more mid-century, liven up your kitchen with the clashing colours and bold shapes of Seventies style. Modern tastes have toned down this look a tad, using simpler, larger patterns that are more refined than their traditional counterparts. It’s ideal for breaking up wall-to-wall neutrals, as long as you keep in mind, a little goes a long way!

Contemporary Vibes

It’s a fact. Sharp lines and acute angles make magazine worthy interiors and they’re also incredibly easy to include in your kitchen! Tribal designs, maze prints and abstract patterns are the major influencers and can be found on everything from tea sets to scatter cushions.

Whether you opt for a pop or pastel colour palette, stick to the rule that simplicity is key. Allow for the geometric design to be the true focal point by finishing the rest of your kitchen with stainless steel or natural wood materials.

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