Frequently asked questions

You’ll have plenty of questions to ask us when you come in to discuss your new kitchen, and we will have many questions to ask you too.
On this page you can find answers to the more general questions that we often get asked about the kitchen we supply, the work that we do and the company Black Rok Kitchen Design.

How long has Black Rok Kitchen Design been established?
We formally opened the doors to our kitchen showroom on Saturday 17th March 2012. Before that date we’d been busy designing and preparing the show room and renovating the shop premises. We established our kitchen business on the back of over a decade in the kitchen and bathroom industry in and around Kent and Sussex. Black Rok Design was the result of a long held ambition( by Jamie and Ed) to form our own independent kitchen design studio. Having worked in the industry for many years as both designers and installers, for both ourselves and other companies, we were always working towards our own studio. Since opening our doors we have designed, sold and successfully installed 23 incredible kitchens   (Updated 13/09/13)

Why do you supply German kitchens?
We’ve had a lot of experience, specifying and installing various kitchens from numerous manufacturers. We carefully considered  all the aspects that contribute to a high quality kitchen, and one that our customers will be delighted to own and use. German engineering is well known for its precision and efficiency and this is certainly an important attribute of the kitchens we supply. But it’s not just about the country of manufacture, it’s about the product itself and the quality control of the company producing it. We’d already been impressed with the product when working with it in the past and when we visited the factory in Germany we began to understand why these kitchens are held in such high regard for their quality and design.
So, it’s not that important that the kitchens come from Germany, but it just so happens that the kitchens we offer are made by a German company. We are pleased to put our name on them.

How do I select my appliances?
Well, firstly we’ll talk to you to find out what is important to you. Then we’ll offer the very highest quality appliances from the most reliable manufactures that meet with your needs and your budget.

How long will the installation take?
Installing a kitchen can be a very complex and involved process. We are very aware that during this process you will be without some of the facilities you rely on every day. However, it is not a job to be rushed if quality is not to be compromised. Each installation is unique but usually between 1-2 weeks. Rest assured we will remain fully aware of your need for both a high quality job with as little disruption as possible. Once we know what your own particular installation will entail, we can give you an idea of when you’ll be opening the door to your new Black Rok kitchen.

Can I use my own installers or install the kitchen myself?
Yes, of course. Once you have taken delivery and made your final payment, the kitchen will be yours; the installation is treated as a separate item.
Our installers are professional and understand the kitchens we supply. They will ensure it is fitted according to the manufacturers requirements. But if you prefer to carry out the work or coordinate the work yourself then that’s fine; we will be glad to offer advice and help where needed.

What about plumbing and electrical work?
Most kitchen installations will involve additional preparation work. Depending on your circumstances this might include building work, tiling, plastering, decorating, etc, and it will almost certainly include plumbing and electrical work. It is absolutely vital that these works are carried out to the correct standards, especially the electrical work, where serious problems can arise if the work is not certificated.
If we are coordinating your kitchen installation we will use qualified and experienced tradespeople. We can also advise on requirements if you prefer to manage the project yourself.

How long will my kitchen take to arrive?
We do not supply kitchens off-the-shelf. Your kitchen will be unique to you and will be made accordingly. This obviously takes a little while; typically about 6 weeks. Once we know your own specification we will be able to advise on when the kitchen will be ready for delivery and then arrange a convenient time for you.

Are you happy to work to a design that has been created by someone else?
It depends. Our designs are built around the products we specify. However, if you already have a design, bring it in and we’ll take a look and be able to tell you more then.