Expected In 2017 : Key Kitchen Colour Schemes


Key kitchen colour schemes

This year will see a return to more varied kitchen colour schemes. Whilst Scandi style and the industrial look are still very popular, the use of colour is seeing a resurgence. We have pinpointed a few of the key colour trends for 2017.


Pantone who bill themselves as “the world authority on colour” have identified green as 2017’s colour of the year. With environmental issues becoming closer to the fore of our minds, green perfectly reflects our desire to balance the growing digital world we live in with our inherent need to feel connected to nature whenever possible. This feeling transcends into our living space and can help create a calm haven to restore mind, body and soul. Green can enhance an eclectic style or create a fresh zesty modern interior. It is a colour that is symbolic of Spring, a time of rejuvenation; trees coming into leaf, plants beginning to grow and, with that, optimism. As a versatile colour it can be paired with many other colours and used in various ways. Splashed on your walls, tiles, soft furnishings or added subtly with accessories and plants.


While white and natural wood still remain the most popular choice for kitchen cabinets, grey has now become an increasingly favoured choice too. Being a neutral colour it can provide the perfect backdrop to add colour to or can stand alone creating a sophisticated contemporary look. Combined with black or white worktops it provides the ideal base from which pops of colour can emanate.


With its ability to evoke hints of the sea and sky, blue is becoming a chosen colour to bring happiness and tranquility into your kitchen. Dulux’s colour of 2017 is a shade called Denim Drift, a grey-blue that’s timeless yet modern and can work in different ways depending on how it’s used.

If you are thinking about a kitchen remodel Hacker kitchens have just introduced various blue coloured kitchen cabinets which would work perfectly with neutral coloured worktops and walls.

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