Expected In 2017: Getting Back To Nature


Expected In 2017: Getting Back To Nature

Our lives have become encompassed by technology, driving people to seek out the antithesis to this by finding ways of getting back to nature. This year we will see more organic materials and textures such as distressed wood, wool, cork and handmade earthenware making their way into our homes. Plants and indoor herb gardens will also be part of bringing the outdoors in.

Earthy Textures

Infuse your kitchen with an earthy feel by choosing wooden worktops and cabinets or with distressed wooden or stone flooring. For a less expensive way of creating an earthy vibe, wicker baskets are a great storage option.

Terracotta tiles and cork are also making a comeback this year, creating a rich warmth in your kitchen. Open shelving displaying clay bowls or your bespoke pieces of earthenware is the perfect way to personalise your space too.

Influences coming from our connection with the sea, will make greens, greys, blues and whites popular colour choices.

Escapism From Digital Distractions

As we spend more and more time connected to technology we are endeavouring to find a balance with mindfulness. Hygge was a much talked about trend last year and it’s influence will continue in 2017 as we strive to make time and space to nurture family relationships. Relaxed furnishings such as sheepskin or woollen rugs, loveseats, and candles or soft lighting can further enhance this mood.

Range Cookers

Is your dream kitchen item a range cooker? It seems you are not alone, this is becoming a very popular item on many people’s’ wish list. It follows the theme of generating a more family orientated living space, a place where bonds and memories are made while cooking as a family. Teaching our children to cook is one of the most treasured gifts we can pass onto them.

Cloth Doors

One other trend to keep an eye on is cloth doors which have become popular in Europe, used instead of wood or steel. They are constructed using clever framework that makes them easy to move, assemble and with the added bonus of being completely recyclable. They’re a great choice for the eco conscious among us!