Creating Clutter Free Worktops


Declutter your worktops

Picture the scene, a stunning, minimalist kitchen, immaculately tidy with clutter free worktops. This could be a reality and is achievable by making a few simple changes. For many people worktops become a place to put things such as keys, bags, post and shopping and over the course of a week this can mount up creating an untidy kitchen. However much you declutter the problem will return unless you make a few changes to your habits.

Getting Started

If you are starting with a cluttered kitchen it’s best to tackle one surface at a time so the job doesn’t seem too daunting. Begin by taking everything off your chosen worktop including kitchen appliances, then create three piles, things you need and love, items you don’t need and the last pile for items you’re not sure about. Next clean the area and begin replacing the items you use and love, try to keep this to a minimum placing other items away in cupboards or drawers.

The items you no longer need can either be recycled or donated to charity. You could put the things in the “not sure” pile in a box to be got rid of if they aren’t used within three to six months. You can then repeat the process with your other worktops until you have a clutter free zone.

Maintaining Your Clutter Free Worktops


Now you have a beautiful clutter free kitchen the trick is to maintain it, this is possible by forming a few new habits.

Make sure everything has a home and when you purchase something new start by finding it a home in a cupboard or drawer but not on your tidy worktop. A box for post and important papers will save unsightly piles on your worktops.

Put some hooks up for hanging keys, tea towels and even saucepans, you will never again waste precious moments hunting for your car keys. Find a place to keep bags, purses and wallets either in the hallway or a cupboard near your keys. If you get into the habit of always putting your things away in their new designated places it will soon become second nature and will help in your endeavour for clutter free worktops.

If you let hand washed dishes air dry it’s a good idea to have a drying rack as this not only saves space but enables them to dry faster meaning you can put them away out of sight.

You could have one small area that you allow to be a little messy or a junk drawer to put the bits and pieces that accumulate on your worktops. This will make keeping your worktops clutter free a more sustainable challenge. With all your new worktop space food preparation will be a much more enjoyable experience giving you space to get creative.

For advice on the most suitable worktops for your dream kitchen see our article Choosing your kitchen worktops.