Choosing Your Kitchen Worktops

Kitchen worktops


Your kitchen worktops are an intrinsic part of your new kitchen, so with this in mind it’s worth investing some time in considering which elements are really important to you. A reputable kitchen designer will be able to assist you with information on the various materials available, how durable they are and their aesthetic qualities as well as the cost of each one.

Engineered worktop materials

For many engineered Quartz is considered the Rolls Royce of kitchen worktops, it is extremely hard wearing, and very hygienic with a beautiful finish. In the engineering process dyes, binders, resins and other materials are added to create a material that is completely non-porous. You can also choose a colour that will compliment your preferred kitchen colour scheme. It is one of the more expensive worktops but is certainly a good investment as it will last many years.

Corian is a man made material that has the perfect balance of durability and beauty. With seamless joints it can be easily moulded to fit your specific kitchen design and, should the worst happen, it can easily be repaired.

For a reasonably priced yet strong and striking worktop you could look at High Pressure Laminate which is available in various colours, finishes and depths, complementing many styles of kitchen from more traditional to ultra modern.

Natural Worktop Materials

If you prefer a more natural look granite is well worth thinking about, each slab of granite is slightly different in appearance due to it being mined directly from the ground and will give your kitchen worktops a more organic appearance, perfect for a rustic design. As it is a porous material it is important to make sure it is sealed correctly to maintain its stunning presence and longevity.

Wood is a very versatile material and can be an affordable choice. Wooden worktops evoke an earthy tone in your kitchen adding texture and depth. To preserve its appearance and to help protect it from water splashes you will need to oil it regularly.


If you’re environmentally conscious you may choose to have your kitchen worktops made from recycled glass or perhaps employ a local carpenter to create a truly bespoke worktop from reclaimed wood.

If you need any assistance in choosing which kitchen worktops are right for your new kitchen, why not have a look at Black Rok’s kitchen details page?