Change “Sale” for “Confusion” and you’d be closer to the truth

We saw this article in the Daily Telegraph about the big kitchen retailers and thought it was pretty spot on! The article examines the so called “Sale” prices some of the big multiples are offering, it states that some of them double the price of certain kitchen ranges in November in order that they can they can then discount them in January and appear to be offering a great deal. As an independent¬†retailer we are always amazed at the never ending sales and promotions that the big chains seem to be offering. It seems like every week they are offering “The Sale of the Century” to the point where you never really know what the actual price is. The problem is that when one of the big companies makes a move the others feel compelled to follow, who knows when and where it started but it seems like the “Sale” has been going on forever.

It seems crazy to think that consumers won’t see through it, it’s not the “Sale Price” if its been going on forever it’s simply the “Price.” It seems to us that the big companies feel that the only way they can appeal to consumers is on price and to us it’s arguably the worst way to do it. A kitchen is not a frozen pizza or a new pair of shoes, it’s very often the second most expensive purchase people will ever make, the first obviously being the house it’s going to go in.

Do they not think people will want something that’s built to last, something that really is designed exactly to fit their requirements. Does it not occur to them that they could attract more business if they sold themselves on the quality of their personal service and the sheer¬†professionalism¬†of their installation team. Maybe it’s a case of if “Price” is all you have got then “Price” is all you can sell on.

We don’t have sales we just offer the very best service coupled with the very best kitchens all year round.