Can’t cook, won’t cook?

A while ago, the Daily Mail published details of a survey revealing the numbers of women who struggle to cook. Women place the blame on not having enough time, but isn’t it true that we can usually find the time to do things that we enjoy?

Where does that enjoyment come from? We rarely enjoy things we struggle doing, so perhaps it follows that greater competence in the kitchen would lead to greater enjoyment.
Of course, the knock on effect of this is that if parents spend less time cooking then so will their kids, thus exacerbating the problem for future generations.

Undoubtedly, having access to a great kitchen helps immensely, because if it’s a place we like to be then we are more likely to spend time there. But how do we get the kids involved? How can we drag them away from the TV or computer screen?

Today, the Guardian published an article about how to cook up family fun in the kitchen. We think some of these ideas are great and can only pay us back in the long-term when we come home from a busy day to find our dinner expertly cooked by our children — well, we can all dream!