Black Kitchen Ideas

A black kitchen can bring real beauty

Of course, white is the common choice, probably because it’s a safe choice, always stylish, clean-looking and fresh. Choosing a black kitchen is a bold and usually carefully considered statement.

curved black kitchen detail



Black presents very strong connotations: authority, power, sophistication: Police uniforms, the gowns of judges and the public school teacher, the dignitary’s limousine. But there are, quite literally, darker sides: Black Hole, Black Death, Blacklist, Black Magic. Perhaps these conflicting notions are not surprising given that black is also strongly associated with mystery.

People use black (often unconsciously) to convey feelings of strength and stability. But, it is also used as a colour of shelter, to hide behind; it’s a safe haven.

Too much black can overwhelm, but it can also accentuate the beauty of contrasting elements or materials within the kitchen: stainless steel, chrome and of course, white.

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