3 Cast-Iron Cookware No-No’s You Need To Hear About!

Cast-iron cookware


Hands up if you would dive fork first into that blissfully sticky pan above! Me too. But I bet the clean-up afterwards wasn’t quite so heavenly. A cast-iron pan is a versatile workhorse that often gets passed down through the generations, they are built to last and very difficult to ruin.

Saying that, cast-iron cookware does require more pampering than other materials. But don’t let this put you off! If you avoid making the mistakes listed below, you and your pans will have a happy, lifelong relationship.

1. Never simmer acidic sauces.


Okay, I’ll admit it! This point is mainly to save those newly purchased cast-iron pots and pans. With time and care your cookware should be well-seasoned enough to withstand tomatoes, citric juices and other acidic sauces. But firstly, what’s the secret to indestructible pans?  

Well, cast-iron’s durability comes from being repeatedly rubbed with oil and heated. This process creates a plastic-like substance that bonds to the surface of the metal, giving it a smooth, shiny, non-stick finish.

2. Never use steel wool.


There is no better way to scrub off all that worked in seasoning than by attacking stuck-on grime with steel wool or other abrasives. If you’re struggling to get rid of sticky bits, then the edge of a plastic pot scraper or even an old credit card will do the job nicely. With years of good-practice the seasoning with get better at doing it’s job and even fried eggs will slide right off!  

3. Never soak in the sink.


Water is the scourge of iron and leaving your pans in the sink or out to air dry, is a sure-fire way to encourage rust. If you’re afraid of gunk creeping into the cracks, then give the pan a rinse immediately after use, whilst it’s still warm. Most cast-iron owners prefer to wipe the surface clean with a cloth, then heat the pan on the stove for a few minutes to properly dry it dry out. The amount of heat it can take is enough to keep your cookware sterilised and sanitary.   

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