25 Last-Minute Gift Ideas Your Favourite Foodie Will Love!

Gift Ideas

Getting the Christmas shopping cold sweats? If you’ve missed off a special someone from your list (and we’ve all been there), don’t panic! Ditch the socks and make their year by giving your foodie friends the gift of fuss free cooking. No gift receipts required.


The Student


A non-electric slow cooker? It’s a Christmas miracle! Perfect for stews, soups and even porridge, simply bring your meal to the boil, pop the lid on and transfer the pan to the bag.

Boomerang Wok

Say goodbye to sticky stoves and hello to simplified stirring. Designed with a unique bowl-form border, this wok prevents stir-fry ingredients from being flipped out of the pan.

Multi-Tool Set

Putting the fun into functionality! Apple corers, graters, juicers and more are stacked on top of each other, creating an instant go-to tool for novice cooks.

Pizza Scissors

Let’s face it. Most twentysomethings live on the frozen food diet.


Better-for-you beverages at the click of a button.


The Entertainer

Moscow Mule Mugs

There will be good times galore with a set of these bang-on trend copper mugs.

Slate Cheese Board

Who said chalk and cheese don’t go together? Not only can you display your best brie in style, but you can also write on the board to prevent any mix-ups.

Stove Top Espresso Pot

Whilst the Bialetti Moka Espresso Maker may be the most iconic stove-top coffee pot, there are also plenty of cheaper alternatives available.

Monogrammed Linen Napkins

Elevating dinner parties from ordinary to extraordinary.   

Wine Glass Charms

Guests will never misplace their drinks again.


The Baker

Adjustable Rolling Pin

Pastry makers won’t know how they lived without it!

Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan

Designed to add two chewy edges to each slice, this ingenious brownie pan will prevent any bickering over the best bits.

Egg Separator

Separate yolk with ease using this classic piece of kitchen kit.

Decorating Pen

Just the thing for creating decorative designs on cakes and pastries. It works just as well when filled with chocolate and berry sauces, as with icing.

Precision Kitchen Scales

Accuracy is the secret ingredient to the perfect bake.


The Gourmet

Dumpling Cube

Because every seasoned chef already owns a pasta maker! For tasty oriental dumplings anytime, line the moulds, fill them and fold the cube to cut.   

Sous Vide Cooker

Not just for professionals.

Herb Diffusers

Diffusers are fast replacing bouquet garni bags as they allow the cook to add the intense flavour of fresh herbs to slow, simmering dishes.

Windowfarms Kit

Vertical farming is the future! This kit assembles into an edible urban garden, so even those without outside space can enjoy homegrown greens.

Digital Meat Thermometer

Cooked to order steak and an end to dry pork, what more could they want?  


The Person Who Has Everything

Himalayan Salt Slab

These sunset-hued blocks certainly look mystical, but the real magic lies in the incredible health benefits of Himalayan pink salt.

Handheld Food Smoker

Recreate Michelin starred meals at home!

Smart Butter Knife

This clever kitchen gizmo uses body heat to instantly warm up cold butter, making it super spreadable in seconds.

Oven Rack Puller

The tool they never knew they needed.

Bagel Guillotine

Chop-chop, it’s breakfast time!